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Nanny Cover Letter

Your nanny cover letter should immediately convince the reader that you have the suitable skills and attitude to efficiently carry out the required child care duties and household tasks.

Highlight those skills that relate directly to the job posting. Looking after children is a highly responsible job and your child care cover letter should focus on your proven track record in successfully caring for children.

Nanny Cover Letter

Your Name
Your Address
Your Contact details (phone and email)


John and Louise Mansell
87 Stony Lane
Dover, PA 17315

Dear Mr and Mrs Mansell

I am responding with enthusiasm to your job posting for a live-out nanny. I am convinced that my verifiable experience and abilities make me an excellent candidate for this position. My references show me to be responsible and reliable, caring and calm and always willing to help out wherever needed. With this in mind, I have attached my resume for your review.

Some key points that you may find relevant to this job opportunity include:

  • over 5 years experience in supervising and caring for children aged between 2 and 12 years
  • successfully scheduled and managed multiple activities
  • prepared healthy meals and snacks for the children
  • assisted with homework and projects
  • organized and facilitated creative activities and games for the children
  • supervised bathing and dressing of children
  • safety conscious with current First Aid and CPR certifications
  • enthusiastically ran errands, complete chores and performed light housekeeping tasks
  • valid driver's license

I believe these are the type of skills and competencies you are looking for in a nanny and I would appreciate a personal meeting to discuss this further. I will call you next week to schedule a meeting, in the meantime you can contact me on the above numbers.  Thank you in advance for your time and consideration.


Jane Candidate


Always include a well written and professional cover letter with your nanny resume.

Most employers ask for references. You can include these with your resume and refer to them in your cover letter. Verifiable experience is key to getting the nanny job you want. Include details of any relevant certifications you have.

Tips for Child Care Cover Letters

  • Flexibility and enthusiasm are two qualities that employers always look for in a nanny. Focus on how you demonstrate these competencies.
  • Responsibility is another critical quality. Parents are entrusting you with the care of their children and they need to be convinced you are up to the task.
  • A nanny develops a personal relationship with the family and your cover letter should give voice to the type of person you are. Are you calm and collected, fun-loving and creative, energetic and sporty or all of these? What sort of person will best fit in with this particular family? Focus on why you are the right fit for this specific nanny job.
  • Be prepared for a background check to be conducted before any offer of employment is made.
  • provide a number of references, including character references to support your application.

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Following is a sample cover letter for nanny having no prior experience as nanny. This cover letter will help you making your own in order to successfully apply for a job.


123 Example Street

Montreal, Quebec C9B 3N9

April 01, 2011

Ms. Julia Anderassen

133 Sample Blvd

Uxbridge, Ontario D9P 1Z9

Dear Mr. / Ms. Anderassen:

In response to your recent job advertisement of Nanny on, I am pleased to submit my application for a Nanny position because my interest and education is parallel to your requirements. Along with high diploma in Child care, I am certain in my talent to become a central member of you family and the best friend of your kids.

During my education and experience in growing up my younger siblings, I have gained strong skills of controlling and caring for children; cleansing, dressing and nourishing infants and children; assisting children with homework and assignments; teaching children in special cleanliness and community development; interpreting to kids; preparing and dish up healthful meals; washing, ironing and pressing clothing and household linens; doing light housekeeping and cleaning duties and upholding a safe and vigorous surroundings in the home. My enclosed resume gives the details regarding my specific nursing skills.

As a fresh and loving nanny, I welcome the likelihood to meet with you to talk about how my education, experience and skills would be advantageous for your kids. I can be reached at (222) 999-3333 or [Email Address] in order to plan a meeting time that will best match your schedule. Additionally, I will contact you by phone next week for follow-up. Thank you for your time and consideration.



Ana Smith

Enc. Resume


Hopefully this sample Cover Letter for a fresh Nanny without Experience will help you finding a job.

Best of Luck in your job search

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