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Dorm life vs. Home life

     Almost every young person entering the period of college education faces the necessity to leave home and to live in the on-campus dormitory. The on-campus dormitories have been “survived” by many people and some of them have absolutely opposing opinions.  The change from home to dorm life can be called one of the most important event in the life of any young person first of all because it is the first extreme life change and also because the consequences are still unknown. Home life and dorm life represent two different ways of living in different conditions. Nevertheless they have their similarities and differences that can be seen only after a deep analysis of the issue. The choice between home life and domestic life can lead to complete transformation of the life of a young man. On-campus life inevitably affects the life of the person and along with home life have their pros and cons.

     On-campus dormitories may be a pleasant experience for one person and a terrible test for another one. For some people dorm living is a necessity. There are several objective facts concerning dorm living. First of all any individual living at the dorm will have to face the necessity sometimes to live together with up to three students. Only those individuals who have an exclusive position within the university may count on having a room without roommates. The quality of the beds sometimes requires repair and the closet very often cannot fit in all the belonging of the roommates. The dorm does not provide the individuals with an actual kitchen and has small space for refrigerating food. The dorm offers public baths which are not comfortable under any condition. The next fact is about one of the most important ones – the dorm cuts individual space to its possible minimum as the person can hardly ever be alone. Another aspect of the dorm living is that the individual can make a lot of friends and find a lot of people who have the same interests. At the same time dorm living sometimes leads to early sexual intercourses and a false “feeling of complete independence”.

     Home living is another option sometimes chosen by young people. First of all home living proved the student with the possibility to get healthy food, freshly cooked on a normal kitchen.  The fact that the meal can be actually cooked is a plus for the saving in the individual’s budget. Home living requires having personal chores and complete responsibility for the place the person lives in. As for personal hygiene at home, it is private and the individual can spend as much time on it as he desires. Home living guarantees the fact that people come to visit the person most often under the condition of a beforehand notice.  The individual may do whatever he feels like doing and not get involved in activities he has no actually desire for. In other words, home living requires a lot of responsibilities but at the same time offers personal space and the opportunity to relax, study or work any time of the day.

     Home and dorm living have a lot of contrasts such as: food, privacy, hygiene, leisure, etc. and similarities such as certain expenses required for living. If to compare home living to dorm living a few fact are worth of mentioning. In home living the individual has at least one full room which is completely under his “jurisdiction”. Home living offers all the required personal space and the individual’s movement within the house are not limited as they are in the dormitory.  The dormitory does not have a comfortable bed and also the individual cannot equip everything in the most suitable manner for him.  A home living individual has all the required space for his belonging and an equipped kitchen to cook food. Nevertheless, in the dorm the food expenses can be spited among the roommates. The dorm’s public bath has obvious disadvantages as compared to a private home bath. Also home, as compared to dorm living provides more individual space as the person at home still has time to be alone and in the dorm it is practically impossible. If the person does not want to party all the time, home living is the best option.

     In order to conclude it is important to say that the basic differences between the dorm living and home living are the individual interests of the person and his aims in life. If dorm living is a necessity for one individual but he has a high motivated for education – dorm living will not change anything. And at the same time if a individual without motivation is a subject of home living there is no guarantee that all these personal space and freedom will lead to a better future. Therefore the main factor here is the personality of the dweller.


Benefits of Living in the Dorms Essay examples

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Living in the Dorms

The best living option for new, incoming freshman to Iowa State University is to spend at least there first two semesters in one of the on campus dorms. Other options available to these students are to find off campus housing in an apartment or a fraternity or sorority, to live at home and commute, or to live for one semester in the dorms and one semester off campus. By examining the alternative options to on campus residence, it is clear that none of these other living options will give incoming students the same variety of benefits or experiences as living on campus.

The types of benefits and advantages being compared for these various living options are those of closeness in proximity to the college campus…show more content…

Students choosing to live off campus frequently find themselves having to find a job to make payments, and will not only have to worry about making the grades they need, but possibly continuing to pay tuition and also about making enough money to pay for their utility bills, groceries and rent. Some students would even have to take out personal loans very early in there college careers, for very large amounts of money and it may be a long time before they can pay off that debt. Sometimes in the struggle to maintain a place of residents, grades and goals can suffer.

Students who live on their own in apartments have to either pay to have their food prepared in fast food restaurants (which can result in really poor eating habits and nutrition) or take time out of a busy schedule to shop for their own food and prepare meals for themselves. This can be a big disadvantage.

For students living off campus the academic support is little to none in there living environment. For many students they find it distracting to live among other people who may not share their same academic goals. Students who have moved off campus after one semester or two have said that the sense of community, that is found on campus, is lost in large apartment buildings. It isn’t the same warm and friendly open environment that is found in many of the dorms. It also can be hard to stay active in campus activities and clubs, because of the feeling of

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