How To Start A Conceptual Essay

Concept Essay

If you want to quench your thirst for exploration, writing a concept essay is the type of essay for you. You can yourself as a real philosopher. The writer should try hard to make the essay interesting for him/her and for the readers as well.

Providing your personal experience and interesting examples is really necessary to write a successful concept essay. Moreover, you should prepare to think big and creatively, feel free and use your open mind at fullest. So, take a twig of grape, strike a pose of a Greek sophist and read some easy steps below.

  • Stay away from objectivity.

If you a choosing a topic for your concept essay and think about what concept you will describe, try to avoid those that have a strict objective definition. Well, yes, terms of astrophysics and microbiology will not work!

The concept should be open to interpretation. Remember that your concept should have a definition that could be disputed. For instance, write about honesty, freedom, happiness, or success. These concepts are abstract, so one cannot give them the right and wrong definition, only a subjective one. That opens the gate for your fantasy!

Think about an interesting story or a funny anecdote to start your essay. That would be a so-called ‘hook’ for your audience. Remember, the main part of your essay is the introduction.

Some may argue that conclusion is a summary, so it is the most important part. But it’s not. Nearer to the end of the essay, the reader’s attention vanishes into thin air, that is why you should his/her attention like a vice from the very first line.

  • I have been broke, I have been wealthy and I have been everywhere in between.

Your introduction should include a compelling thesis statement. It should be logical and personal. You should engage the reader, defying the concept on your own terms, basing on your experience as a prove that you are really wordly-wise.

Go step by step, providing arguments and reinforcing them with the real-life examples. You have to think hard to make your words sound confident and convincing. There is no place for doubts, because it is impossible to make a mistake.

It would be just perfect if you end your essay the way you started. A fresh joke or an apt quotation would work. The best way to finish your concept essay is to leave the reader with an interesting idea and a tasty piece of brain food.

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A Manual On How To Write A Concept Essay

Define concept essay

Concept essays are the ones that are based on one’s ideas and concepts off course. Concepts essays require a complete research, understanding the terminology, and to write on, for granted topics, an explored essay.

Concept essays require more exploration

Like other forms of essays, concept essays too contain an introduction, a body with 4-5 paragraphs of explanations, including the examples and a conclusion. Apart from other essays, concept essays require more exploration, ideas, and research than others do. Because, the concepts are already introduced to the audience, one has to deliver the perfect an accurate definition, which is a tough job.

Selection of a topic

The major part of your essay is the selection of your topic, if you have selected a topic that is very controversial, then, it is going to be helpful for you. Successes, war, happiness, all are easy topics to write on, but the troubling part would be the definition. Your definition is going to become your main idea, thesis, and then the entire essay. It’s not that easy to define such concepts. You would have to add your creativity and ideas to it, by searching and exploring.

Needs a good start

A good start for a concept essay is, to start your introduction with a narration, which would make it easier to continue to deliver what you exactly wanted to.

Target audience

You must know who is your target audience and what do they want to read. To make your essay more effective and catchy you would need to work on sit’s structure. Structure needs to be built more precisely to grab the attention of your examiner or reader.

How to write an effective and precise conclusion

Conclusion is redefining your essay. It not only revises and reshapes your definition, but also summarizes the information that you wrote in the body.

For your convenience, step-to-step guide to write concept essay is written below:

  • Understand the purpose of your essay
  • Choose a topic carefully
  • Ask your teacher to help
  • Arrange the research data
  • Analyze the data that you have collected
  • Make an outline
  • Write the first draft
  • Edit your first draft
  • Remove irrelevant details
  • Cut down repeated sentences
  • Add information, where necessary
  • Write your essay

The most written topics are

  • Love
  • Friendship
  • War
  • Success
  • Kindness
  • Respect and honor
  • Courage
  • Sportsman ship
  • Nature
  • Poetry


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