Fridman Nerds Essay

“Enough is enough.” Leonid Fridman firmly states in “America Needs its Nerds”. He is tired of the stigma associated with nerds. Fridman illustrates the frightening path towards ignorance America is heading in by selecting specific details, organizing his piece in a problem-solution format, and using carefully chosen words and syntax to create pathos through juxtaposition.The opening sentence of the second paragraph of the passage begins with a definition of “geek” from Webster’s New World Dictionary. The definition refers to geeks as freaks who bite off chicken heads. Fridman chooses Webster’s New World Dictionary’s definition to represent America’s view of nerds and geeks. Later in the passage, Fridman chooses to represent nerds in a simple and even innocent way by stating that they “prefer building model airplanes.” He then describes the idolized social butterflies of America as people who “get wasted at parties.” He chooses an extreme of socialization in order to paint the current king of the throne, “anti-intellectualism”, in a negative light. In the final paragraph of the passage, Fridman references Maximilian

Leonid Fridman’s essay “America Needs its Nerds”   is to inform the general American public that “nerds and geeks” is what a country needs. He feels in today’s society, intellectuals are being looked down upon,   while athletes are idolized. Fridman believes what this country needs is high academic achievements and intellectualism.   Throughout the essay Fridman displays examples of how knowledge is extremely important and anti-intellectual values needs to be stopped. In this essay Fridman uses antithesis, irony, allusions to support his argument.
In paragraph three, Fridman uses a series of antitheses to show a contrast between “nerds” and “athletes”.   Fridman starts by saying “Even at a prestigious academic institution like Harvard, anti-intellectualism is rampant”, by using antitheses Fridman shows that one of the most intellectual places in America also have those who opposes knowledge as the top priority. He also uses antitheses at the last sentences when he says how “nerds” were isolated from society while “athletes” were idolized. This shows how unjustified society is by blacklisting the smart ones.
It is ironic how the most elite school in America, Harvard,   have people picking on the nerds. Fridman shows a great source of irony, which tells us how this society is. Another example of irony is how nerds who “prefer to read books rather than play football, prefer to build models rather than get wasted at parties” are the ones punished and becoming social outcasts rather then those that intoxicate their bodies and depriving themselves of knowledge.
In paragraph two Fridman alludes to Webster’s dictionary, as an comparison of a geek and a freak. It shows how disrespectful the term geek was, and at the same time it was humorous. Fridman later alludes to countries in East Asia, comparing U.S and East Asia. He shows how athletics were more recognized in U.S while countries like Japan and China, where professors and intellectuals are “the most prestigious and...

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