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An anthropologist studying first-year students at a University in the United States writes that friendly phrases like, 'how are you?,' communicate politeness rather than literal intent. Politeness is the act of showing good manners and consideration toward others as in behavior, speech, etc. (Dictionary). Polite speech is valued a lot in my community. It is almost expected for you to address your elders in the up most respect by saying, "Yes Ma'am" or "No Ma'am." Even in conversation with your friends or relatives, if someone asks you, "how are you doing," it is expected for you to ask the question in return. By not asking the question in return, it shows a sense of insensitivity and disrespect. Polite speech is just taking in consideration how the other person may feel. For example, the statement, 'It was nice to meet you,' says that you are being respectful and you enjoyed meeting them. You may not have talked to the person as much, or even liked the experience, but out of respect and politeness you say the statement to not offend the other individual. In the book, A Thousand Splendid Suns, Jalil always used polite speech when speaking with his daughter. "Is there anything you want?" (Hosseini 39). Jalil asked his daughter this question out of respect and his manners to see if his daughter needed anything. He might didn't care about if she needed anything, but out of consideration of how she felt, he asked so Mariam wouldn't feel like he didn't care about her.
Some people may say that polite speech doesn't have to be used all the time, because some people are undeserving of it. In the book, Their Eyes Were Watching God, Janie's husbands always used impolite speech, when speaking to her. They used words like 'dumb' or phrases saying, "you'll never be nothing." Janie's husbands felt like this type of speech was needed in order for them to get Janie to do what they wanted. More or less, polite speech just depends on how you were raised to speak to others. If you were raised to speak polite at all times, then you would say that polite speech is extremely valuable, while others may say that polite speech has no value. Although, there may be some benefits with polite speech, such as gaining more opportunities; overall polite speech is just having courtesy and respect for others.



4o we ever realize how we talk to people, greet others, and present ourselves to one another/ " believe that such polite speech is the value or function to anything possible.imple things such as polite speech or what others may know them to be as manners, can get you very far. 5ust a simple ello, how are you/0 can give others a picture as to who you are, how you carry yourself as an individual. Yes, we all have heard 6ever udge a book by its cover, and looks can be decieving0, but when polite diction is being used, this is where you can tell the elements of a person.When " was growing up, " was always taught to be polite. 7y grandma would constantly tell me to use words like Yes ma#am, no ma#am. Yes sir, no sir0 because it will get you along way. "t took me a bit of time to get the hang of this concept but "#ve found out that it can in fact take you somewhere far far away. 8ne day " was walking into a business and " had all my pearly whites showing and " greeted everyone with a simple ello0 and before " left that building that same day, someone, the owner, came up to me and offered me a ob. " wasn#t of age yet but he allowed me to volunteer at a %aw !irm near me. "t is always lgcal and " look at it as a way to success. aving great manners is the best thing or characteristic you may have.With polite speech comes maturity, responsibility, and the personality part of onesself. This also goes in the category with first impressions. When 4r. 9ing was around, he carried himself with self respect, use polite speech and was appealing to the people giving him more power  because he stood up for what he wanted, but not only that was taken upon respect from others  because that#s what he gave out to his people. The president during that time respected him and his opinions because he did things peacefully and was taught how to be polite.ome me think that these simple words can get you a long way but they can. "n the televisionshow, :ood Times, the grandma was teaching the grandchildren the basics of how to be polite, how to carry yourself, how to present yourself to those because you never know who you are talking to ';1<*

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7ost children growing up are taught words such as thank you0 or please0 simply because itis the ade=uate thing to say. +hrases such as nice to meet you0 or ow are you/0 are the courteous ways to converse. What kind of world would we live in if manners and politeness didn#t e&ist/ " know " feel rude if " don#t say thank you to an individual who takes the initiative to open and hold the door for me. >ommunicating politeness and manners shows great appreciation for actions. Whether that action is small or large, it is the thought that counts.We live in a society where politeness and manners are a way of life, they are like second nature to most people. When you leave the check out line at the grocery store the cashier typically says ave a great day.0 8r when you enter a store your greeted with the words, ello, welcome in.0 "magine a world where you leave a grocery store without saying thank youto a person who made it possible for you to purchase food and necessities to take back to your home. "magine attending a work environment where when you meet your co-workers you immediately begin discussing what is to be accomplished without introducing yourself and


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