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By Mass Communication Specialist 2nd Class Andrea Perez, Navy Personnel Command Public Affairs

MILLINGTON, Tenn. (NNS) -- Revisions to special duty assignment pay (SDAP) for eligible enlisted Sailors were released in NAVADMIN 076/13, March 26.

The update contained few changes, incorporating two additions, one deletion and several increases to existing SDAPs.

The SDAP program enhances the Navy's ability to size, shape and stabilize the force by encouraging qualified Sailors to serve in designated Special Duty Assignments (SDAs) for a monetary incentive ranging from $75 to $450 a month.

SDAs are demanding duties that require extraordinary effort for satisfactory performance or an unusual degree of responsibility. Considered extremely difficult, they may entail arduous duty. Recruit Division Commander, recruiters, Ceremonial Guard, Search and Rescue swimmer, Independent Duty Corpsman and SEALs are some assignments that may be eligible for SDAP.

Increases to existing SDAP levels are effective immediately.

In order to qualify for SDAP, a service member must be assigned to and working in a valid billet on the command Manpower Authorization Listing, and hold a matching Navy Enlisted Classification (NEC) and Distribution Navy Enlisted Classification (DNEC) billet. The billet must also be authorized by the Bureau of Naval Personnel as an SDA billet.

Each Sailor is eligible for only one SDAP entitlement at a time and commands must ensure the number of personnel receiving SDAP does not exceed the number of authorized SDAP billets.

Commanding officers must certify that service members meet all the qualifying criteria established by OPNAVINST 1160.6B, DODINST 1304.27 and NAVADMIN 076/13 prior to receiving SDAP. A Sailor must complete all qualifications, including personal qualification standards (PQS) and under instruction (UI) time before they are eligible for SDAP certification.

The annual re-certification required by commands with SDAP billets begins in June and guidance for the re-certification process will be announced in a follow-on Navy message.

Commands, via personnel support detachments if applicable, are responsible for making any rate adjustments as directed by NAVADMIN 076/13. Commands should also ensure compliance with MILPERSMAN 1306-1200/1210 for Sailors in a limited duty status.

More than 25,000 Sailors currently receive SDAP. Sailors can read OPNAVINST 1160.6B and talk with their command career counselor to learn more about SDAP or visit http://www.npc.navy.mil/career/enlistedcareeradmin/Pages/SRB.aspx.

For more information, visit www.navy.mil, www.facebook.com/usnavy, or www.twitter.com/usnavy.

For more news from Navy Personnel Command, visit www.navy.mil/local/npc/.

WASHINGTON (NNS) -- Navy released updates to the Special Duty Assignment Pay (SDAP) for eligible enlisted Sailors in NAVADMIN 120/16, May 25.

The SDAP program enhances the Navy's ability to size, shape and stabilize the force by encouraging qualified Sailors to serve in designated Special Duty Assignments (SDAs) for a monetary incentive ranging from $75 to $450 a month.

Changes to the program update will redistribute SDAP resources to help ensure Navy's priorities are being addressed.

The NAVADMIN includes additions to SDAP eligibility for: Afloat Training Group Instructions at level SD-1 ($75 per month); Navy Military Training Instructors at level SD-2 ($150 per month); and Nimitz class reactor department conventional Sailors at level SD-1 ($75 per month).

The update also increases SDAP for TACAMO E-6 Fight Engineers from SD-1($75 per month) to SD-2 ($150 per month), and reduces recruiters from SD-6 ($450 per month) to SD-5 ($375 per month). SDAP reductions will go into effect 60 days after the release of NAVADMIN 120/16. SDAP processing will be slowed while the decrease is input into the system.

In order to qualify for SDAP, Sailors must be assigned to and working in a valid SDA billet on the command's current manning document, and certified by their commanding officer. For certification, a Sailor must hold the Navy Enlisted Classification (NEC) for any SDAs requiring an NEC, and have completed all qualifications for the billet -- including Personal Qualification Standards and Under Instruction watches.

The current SDAP Eligibility List approved by the Bureau of Naval Personnel is available at http://www.public.navy.mil/bupers-npc/career/enlistedcareeradmin/Pages/SRB.aspx/.

Annual recertification of each eligible command's SDA billets is required to be complete by August 31. The NAVADMIN providing guidance for the recertification process will be released in the near future.

For more information, check with your Enlisted Community Manager, read the current SDAP NAVADMIN at http://www.npc.navy.mil/.

For more information, visit http://www.navy.mil/, http://www.facebook.com/usnavy/, or http://www.twitter.com/usnavy/.

For more news from Chief of Naval Personnel, visit http://www.navy.mil/local/cnp/.


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