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Extreme tourism and Antarctica

What is Extreme Tourism? Extreme tourism is an offshoot of mainstream tourism that involves the tourist going to areas with a hazardous landscape combined with a dangerous climate or remote areas that are either sparsely populated or not populated at all. More and more people are taking part in activities like rock climbing, white-water rafting,… View Article

UK Tourism

If a family with young children wanted to go to London for a weekend, I would suggest a hotel near to a lot of attractions and shopping areas. This is so that the children could be entertained; as they are travelling with children, I would still recommend the train as it is an easy journey… View Article

How successfully does tourist industry in the Canaries add value?

How successfully does tourist industry in the Canaries add value? To what extent is Maslow’s hierarchy is applied to motivate staff in Souvenir Palace? Souvenir Palace, a retail outlet company started in the year 1991 by Jose Ignacio. They are specialist sellers in Souvenirs. Apart from that, they have also started to sell cigarettes, tobacco… View Article

Jobs within the tourism industry

Introduction The travel and tourism industry is one of the faster growing industries in the world with over 50,000 jobs being created every year. This shows due to amount of employment this trade has created by the year 2007 there will be another 300,000 jobs created. The industry provides a wide variety of employment both… View Article

Sports tourism

1. Introduction Sports Tourism is defined as a specific travel outside of the usual environment for either passive or active involvement in competitive sport and international sports tournament where sport is the prime motivational reason for travel and the touristic or leisure element may act to reinforce the overall experience. Another definition worth noting explains… View Article

The Tourism Industry in Hong Kong

The Tourism industry is an important industry in Hong Kong. Inbound and outbound tourism is the major income of Hong Kong. According to the result from the Tourism Commission, in 2011, Hong Kong received a record-high of 42 million visitors from around the world, a remarkable increase of 16.4% over 2010. It is also the… View Article

The Queensland Wine Tourism Industry

Industry Analysis An industry analysis provides industry capabilities and clear future direction to improve Queensland wine tourism in relations to its competitors based on SWOT Analysis. It identifies those industry strengths that are competitive edges of the industry and opportunities for development and growth. It also discovers that weaknesses which represent the gap between Queensland… View Article

Tourist Attractions and Places of Interest in Poland

Poland is officially the Republic of Poland in Central Europe. We will be briefly going through all the sights that attract tourists. The annual number of visitors to Poland has increased rapidly since 1990. In 2002 there were 14 million visitors in Poland. The major tourist attractions in Poland are the resorts along the Baltic… View Article

Tourist Attractions

Three of the biggest tourist attractions in Florida include Disney World and Discovery Cove. People from all over the world would come to Florida just to go to these parks. It does not matter what time of the year it is because these places are always crowded with families, loved ones, and teenagers. Disney World… View Article

Tourist Destinations in New York

Tourism is one of the most important economic activities in the world. Tourism therefore should be properly managed and developed by respecting the environment and protecting both long term and short-term natural and cultural resources. Addressing and meeting the needs of present tourists and host regions while enhancing the opportunity for future activities should also… View Article

The International Bicycle Fund

Tourism means more job for the local people.  In the Philippines, foreign tourists spend PHP130 billion on an average year, and generates jobs that benefit the people from the lowly street vendor to hotel owners (Senate passes bill.., 2007, p.1).             ASEAN Secretary General Rodolfo Severino noted that tourism has large “multiplier effects” through a… View Article

Tourism Marketing

    Marketing primarily involves the creation and promotion of a product or service that would endear it to customers while at the same time satisfying his/her needs and desires at the desired pricing. Marketing involves more issues than just selling and advertising alone. The two are indeed the core components of every marketing plan, but… View Article

Tourism in Italy in the 19th Century

Introduction             Italy is a country that thrives on tourism today. But it has been that way since the 19th century. The purpose of this paper is to establish the growth of Italy in from the 18th century up to the 19th century and how it has grown up to the present time. Tourism has… View Article

Tourism Economics

Overview According to Dr. Warren H. Lieberman (1993), yield management or revenue management is the practice of maximizing profits from the sale of perishable assets by controlling price and inventory and improving service.  Sheryl E. Kimes of Cornell University, in turn, defines yield management as the control of customer demand through the use of variable… View Article

Tourism Country Analysis-Germany

Introduction Germany is a country with astounding diversity with one of the richest historical heritage in the world, standing out as one of the tourist attraction features. Germany is the most centrally placed in Europe among all the European countries. It has a history of a disunited nation having distinct states and tribes. For this… View Article


Tourism is the most significant consideration that every country must have to be proud of. This is the main pathway for every place in the world to become popular to other territories around the world. In this case, the tourism authority in every place around the world ensures that the promotional aspect of encouraging the society to become trustable from international areas become aggressive. This is to generate visitors from around the world who will be trying to explore the best attractions in the area. Tourism is important because it highlights the most important places of a country or a place that provides a new destination for local and international residents. In this way, it provides a promising advantage for the place to become dominant.

Promotion of tourism is an important adherent for a community to increase the visibility of the country or destination to foreign tourists. The goal of the promotion of tourism is to increase the number of visitors from both local and international destinations. Tourism campaign is a promising factor for a certain country or a territory to ensure that it can generate a sustainable environment to engage in a competitive socio-economic development. Whenever there are tourists, this means that it can generate a more sustainable way to the economic structure of the area. The growth of tourism can be generated through the use of mass media campaign that attempts to attract more visitors who want to explore the place that makes a memorable activity in their area. Examples are the use of television network promotion, social media promotion, and print ads that showcase a new tourist destination that is waiting for visitors to explore.

Tourism is more effective when there are gateways that are established by the local government unit. This is because having a portal of entry provides an entrance point for the visitors to land. These are airports, seaports, and land transportation terminals to welcome incoming tourists from various places around the world to have the chance on visiting the area to start exploring different places around the world. If the area can accommodate at least more than 50 million tourist arrivals in each airport, it would be easier for travelers to arrive anytime. The government should have an allocated fund to continuously bombard its advertisements through social media and other mass media applications. Creating banners, videos, photos, and promotional campaigns ensure that the tourism campaign becomes competitive and productive to international areas around the world.

The hospitality industry is the main beneficial entrants when there is a significant growth in the tourism arrivals to a particular area. These are the hotel conglomerates, shopping malls, and restaurant chains. Attracting logistics companies such as online passenger service application transport groups are important to ensure that tourists will have their own private drivers whenever they are going to travel around the area for leisure. Courier systems, money changer, and grocery shops that sprout like a mushroom in the area because these industries will take advantage of the growing tourism hub to that particular area. The presence of new businesses in the area can further generate tourists as they promote their products to international market places. As a result, the tourism hub becomes competitive for both businesses as well as beneficial for the tourists and local residents in the area for leisure activities (Butcher & Smith, 2010).


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