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50 Customer Reviews of Global Leadership College

Review by Elisia Sierakowski, June 11, 2016

I took the TESOL/TEFL course with two additional modules: International Teaching College (ITC) English Science and ITC English Math. It was a good value and qualified me to teach overseas.

The curriculum may have been purchased from a small, liberal arts Christian college. This may have some influence on their philosophical stances expressed in the lessons, but the Global Leadership College representatives were aware of this bias and said they were working on it. There were fewer religious references in the Science and Math modules.

The material was easy to follow and the assignments were clear. The instructors I had were good, and one was especially encouraging if I hit a snag, or argued with the way questions were phrased.

The math module lessons made reference to links that are not active, but when I mentioned this to the instructor, it wasn’t an issue with scoring well on the tests. I think some of the modules may be works in progress, but I enjoyed the review.

I think it’s what you put into it. I found it useful because it was an enjoyable review of basics I hadn’t seen in years. The online format worked well for me. One could be more critical, but at the end of the day it’s the certification that’s important.

If you are a “give me the material and get out of my way” kind of online student, and can move past the religious elements, it’s a good value.

Review by debara G, November 3, 2014

here’s the thing, the nothing they taught you is the same nothing you learn from a much more expensive course so I don’t know why people are complaining. This course, no matter who offers it, is pretty much the same as any other online course.

you are doing online for a reason – you don’t want to spend the time/money on an in person class. You get what you asked for. don’t give it all 1s because you got exactly what you wanted. If you have anxiety about teaching because you took online rather than a four year degree learning how to do it, you are to blame, not the online, quick and dirty course.

Now, in terms of what they promised v what you get, they promise job bank access. There is no such thing. They have a little banner that says “advanced AP teachers” and it lists two jobs – AP Science and Math. that’s hardly a job bank and is a joke given how many English teaching positions exist around the world.

The Good News Most High religious stuff got ridiculous. I am religious, but I don’t need someone else’s religion forced on me.

That said, my “teacher” was mostly quick to respond to turned in assignments. However, when I finished the course completely, it took a long time for them to get around to giving me my certification or acknowledging my questions about the certificate.

They do need to fix the technical glitches with not taking your info but a window keeps popping up says it needs your info.

End of day, I already had a job, I just wanted some kind of certification to throw on my resume. That’s what I got, even if a little slow on their end than I thought was reasonable.

Review by Kamaron, July 3, 2014

The TESOL Specialist course was absolutely horrible. I will not be recommending this course to anyone, in fact I will make sure to tell others to avoid this course at all costs. I purchased this course to learn about how to teach English to people overseas; however, I learned nothing about teaching English and felt that I wasted my time.

The unit titles were extremely misleading, instead of learning about how to teach others about English grammar I was given a mediocre grammar lesson for myself. Instead of learning about actual Student-Teacher relationships, I was given a useless lesson on how to send e-mails and record phone messages.

The unit material is incoherent throughout the entire course and does not have a flow. As well, the material used for several of the lessons and units are from an obscure religious home-schooling curriculum. Nowhere on the website does it mention that at least some of the material for the course will be religious.

In addition, to the lesson material being terrible, the quizzes and assignments were also abysmal. I learned nothing from the assignments about teaching English. The assignments seemed to be geared more for students in secondary school, not for college or university graduates, or even high school graduates.

Also, in regards to the assignments and quizzes, there was never any feedback given on the assignments. I had no idea how I could improve for the next assignment, or why I got one hundred percent on another. The same goes for the long-answer questions in the quizzes. Students should not have to ask for a simple explanation of marks; that should be automatically given by the teacher, or more so in this case the marker. Feedback is a huge part of learning and improvement.

I will never take another course through Global Leadership College. I was appalled at the cheap, shoddy quality of the TESOL specialist course and I do not think it was even worth the reduced Groupon price I paid for it.

Review by Hillary, May 14, 2014

As it turns out, my sister came across this course discounted on Groupon. I had just graduated from college with a B.A. in English at the time and she knew I was considering Teaching English as a Second Language and getting a Master’s Degree. However, I was unsure if that was what I really wanted to do so I agreed to take this course with the encouragement of my parents. I thought it would be a great way to get my foot in the door and see what it was all about.

The course started off helpful, but about halfway through the course the references to God and “The Most High” became creepy and totally unnecessary. What was even more baffling was when I would write responses in the lesson reviews and I would go back to see that things I wrote (granted, these were just examples I was using) were auto-corrected based on religion. For instance, “God” was changed to “The Most High” and the bible was changed to “The Good News.” I really did not understand the overly political correctness of this course.

The last few lessons started talking about preparing for interviews and other things that seemed totally irrelevant. I was hoping to learn more about teaching in classrooms but I guess that’s why I have always been skeptical about online courses because there is no contact with a physical person to actually “teach.” My teacher was very nice but I also felt like I never had any real honest, genuine feedback. I also felt like when I questioned my wrong answers and asked what I did wrong, most of the time the computer interpreted my answer as incorrect when it really was correct. If I never questioned the teacher, I never would have been given the credit I deserved. This seemed really unprofessional to me. This is why I want to take classes at an actual university with a professor and earn a master’s where I can learn to properly teach ESL. Unfortunately, this was more affordable and less of a commitment in case I realized it was not for me.

There was definitely some useful information in the beginning but this is really just a beginner/introduction in the field of TESOL.

Review by Becky, May 5, 2014

Overall RatingNot Rated
Course ContentNot Rated
Practice TeachingNot Rated
Quality of FeedbackNot Rated
Lesson Plan GuidanceNot Rated
Instructor CompetencyNot Rated
Job PlacementNot Rated
Facilities/ResourcesNot Rated

This course was a cut-and-paste of a bunch of other courses, some of them entirely inappropriate.
Any question, complaint, ANY kind of communication with the instructor resulted in an automatic 100%.

But way worse, by far, was the proselytizing.

The Most High? The tower of babel? Man was given dominion over animals? Animals don’t communicate via language? I’m absolutely floored. No, actually, more like disgusted. So disgusted, in fact, that I wrote to tell them, and let them know why.

I come from a religious family. I grew up singing in church choirs. Been there, done that, the whole nine yards, as far as being a Christian, and if I’M offended by this text, imagine how non-Christians, agnostics, and atheists feel about it?

Regardless, all the religious info had absolutely NOTHING to do with the subject of the course.

This course gives online education a bad name. These people deserve to go bankrupt.


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