Forensic Medicine Case Study Hosa Cables

HOSA Forensic Sciences1: Justce and scienceChapTer Overview-Science and justce have The same goal:elucidaton of The TruTh. -American litgaton sysTem:To provide The besT, fairesT, and optmal conTexT for a jury To ±nd TheTruTh and use ThaT TruTh To se²le a dispuTe.1.1HisTory-Mid- 19ThcenTury is The beginning of forensic science-STarTed in Europe as iT was The source of many scient±c advances-VicTor BalThazard (1852-1950), FrenchoMedical examineroHelped advance ±ngerprinTs and hair analysisoDeveloped probabiliTy models ThaT showed ThaT ±ngerprinTs were unique oAlso, developed The advanced phoTographic meThod of comparing markings on bulleTs-Alphonse Bertllon (1853- 1914), FrenchoDeveloped The ±rsT sysTemic meThod of The ident±caton of suspecTs and criminals called AnThropomeTry/ BertllonageoMainly used in The 1900s, buT was replaced by ±ngerprinTs soon a³er.oAvoided using ±ngerprinTs (buT was The ±rsT forensic scientsT To use ±ngerprinTs (only righT side) To solve a case).oIn 1902- used ±ngerprinTs To identfy a murderer. o1911- Mona Lisa paintng was sTolen from The Louvre Museum in Paris: was unable To identfy The suspecT evenT Though There were prinTs le³ on The glass covering The paintng.oWill WesT CaseIn 1903 a man named Will WesT was senT To LeavenworTh Prison in KansasSenT for collecton of measuremenTs and a clerk seemed To have recognized him buT Will had claimed To noT have been processed beforeWhen The clerk searched for records-> found one of a man named William WesT who was almosT identcal To Will.Because of This, iT was made clear ThaT The Bertllonage was noT 100% reliable as a means of criminal ident±caton.-Sir Francis GalTon (1822-1911), EnglishoCharles Darwin’s cousinoCollecTed ThumbprinTs (1888)oDeveloped The ±rsT classi±caton sysTem for ±ngerprinTs, which was adopTed by Britsh governmenT as adjuncT To Bertllon sysTem.oGalTon ridge is used To describe on of The feaTures found in ±ngerprinTs-Calvin Goddard (1891-1955), AmericanoEsTablished scient±c examinaton of ±re-arms evidence in The uniTed-sTaTes oBuT in 20ThcenTury forensic ±re-arms examinaton was noT reliable.oRetred as army physician and gun enThusiasT oExamined The evidence of The ST. Valentne’s Day Massacre in Chicago in 1929All victms were killed by Two ´hompson submachine guns

Activities – Howard Hughes Medical Institute’s BioInteractive has teacher guides, activities, videos and podcasts on several topics – Games in Forensics, CSI; teacher and student sections – Crime scene investigation – Forensics games


Apps – a free mobile flashcard app for iPhone and iPad


Careers – A great resource on various careers with association links, scholarship search, etc. – Under “RESOURCES,” find a list of all educational institutions in Florida – Pharmacy Technician jobs and education opportunities; CVS also employs nurses at its MinuteClinics – Students can explore various health professions, meet professionals – a free travel nursing career resource – Oklahoma Health Care Workforce Center, resources for students, educators, how to prepare for a career – a website dedicated to matching high quality health care professionals with opportunities that will meet personal and professional goals – Behind the Scenes at MIT, videos about Chemistry as a career and seeing the life of real chemists – Building the Health Care Workforce in South Carolina; explore health careers – look for jobs, career advice – information about the medical assistant programs offered by schools in every state


College Research– Complete Directory of Top Accredited Online Schools, Online Colleges and Online Universities of 2014


Health Science Resources – National Institute of General Medical Sciences site offers a ton of resources for students and teachers – Learn.Genetics – Genetic Science Learning Center – Student Resources – National Library of Medicine, National Institutes of Health, Specialized Information Services’ Outreach resources


Financial Aid/Scholarships – Loans and Scholarships for health professions students – Applicants and potential scholarship winners will be critiqued by the editorial staff at and selected annually on February 10th. Applications for this year’s award are due by January 10th, 2014 – Health Jobs Start Here for California site with information on careers, listing of many scholarships, etc. – Health Careers Foundation scholarship – The Barry Goldwater Scholarships for college students in science, mathematics or engineering – Gallagher Koster Scholarship for undergraduate students pursuing a health career – International Order of the King’s Daughters and Sons, scholarship for students in a variety of health careers – Tylenol Scholarship for students pursuing health careers – The Jack Kent Cooke Foundation College Scholarship for high school seniors who will go to college – The Paul and Daisy Soros Fellowships for New Americans, available to college seniors and those pursuing graduate degrees – The Dell Scholars Program for high school seniors – ACLS Medical Training Scholarship Program – a program created to reward America’s most talented student writers at the high school and university levels – One Medical Group Scholarship, supporting the next generation of primary care physicians – OMAP’s ( 100 word essay scholarship for all current and prospective students pursuing a career in the health care field


Minorities Support – United Negro College Fund – Thurgood Marshall College Fund scholarships – Hispanic Scholarship Fund – American Indian College Fund – a comprehensive scholarship list includes financial aid opportunities exclusively reserved for African-Americans, Hispanics, women, and other specific minority groups, as well as more generalized awards that are made available to applicants belonging to any underrepresented demographic – Ron Brown Scholarship for African American high school seniors – The Jackie Robinson Foundation Scholarship for minority high school students – United Health Foundation Diverse Scholars Program, lists scholarships for minority students


Online Courses – VCN Online Courses; offers high school and college level non-credit online courses; offers specialized courses such as Anatomy and Physiology, Biology, etc.; also links to great sites with high school coursework

Institute of Healthcare Improvement Open School: – case studies, audio & video files, leadership profiles; free courses for students; free sample lessons on leadership in healthcare, patient safety, etc. – Human Anatomy & Physiology with Medical Terminology; Free-ed has various courses in allied health – Free online courses on subjects – anatomy, math, business – and can earn college credit – National Repository of Online Courses offers AP and high school courses and college level courses – A great resource for teachers and students alike with free online university courses on many subjects; e-books; textbooks; audio books; science videos, movies (silent, documentaries, etc.) and others. – Online courses in math, science, social sciences, etc. – Free college level courses online


Research – Tutorial on how to do Research: from the Kentucky Virtual Library – University of Florida’s Health Science Libraries Guides on various topics with many resources – Consumer Health – Internet Public Library – a search engine for students – science videos and presentations from leading universities – The Ultimate STEM Guide for Kids: 239 Cool Sites About Science, Technology, Engineering and Math

Test Prep – SAT Prep tests, GRE, etc. – Study guides: ACT, SAT, AP subjects – Sample SAT test, study materials for many subjects – SAT math & physics practice – SAT, ACT and GRE guides and practice tests – Prep for ACT, SAT, graduate school tests, CNA, NCLEX (for an RN) – SAT vocabulary words – Tests for AP classes, college prep, grad school, NCLEX – Practice ACT, SAT, high school subjects – Practice SAT; – AP classes – Official ACT website for test prep;; – ACT and SAT test prep – free, detailed profiles of community colleges across the USA 


Vocabulary – Videos teaching vocabulary and word use


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