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Conflict is a catalyst for change Everything changes daily for a number of different reasons and one of them can be conflict. Conflict usually only brings us tragedy and sadness due to its process which changes a lot of different things. The result of conflict which is usually death is one obvious change it brings to us that change the peaceful life into a chaos. During the process of conflict, other changes will also be made. During conflicts, it is possible that our positions get changed. When the side we support in the conflict gets weakened, we are likely to switch our position to the other side in order to secure our own safety. However, it would be remiss to think that conflict will lead to changes in everything. Indeed, element…show more content…

Considering about our own safety, it is possible that we may change our belief to switch our position in order to protect ourselves. This notion is apparent in the character of Mary Warren in “The Crucible” who is a pliable girl whose actions are easily determined by others. During the conflict occurs in the village of Salem, she keeps changing from one side to another to secure her safety. Thus, people like Mary who can easily be convinced by others are the ones who are mostly likely to get changed during a conflict. Many things can be changed during a conflict, however, there are things which cannot be possibly be changed by anything including conflict. The power of love is simply far beyond anything. If two people is deeply in love, they are likely to sacrifice anything they can to protect each other as well as their love. However, if the lovers’ love is not really strong, there are still chances that their love gets impacted. In other words, we can conclude that whether the love can be changed by a conflict, it will depend on the level that the love at. This idea is crystallized in the play of “The Crucible”. By the very end of the play when Elizabeth forgives John for having an affair with Abigail and John chooses to confess in order to protect his wife. Although John loses his life, but they successfully protect their love which is not the result expects by Abigail from the conflict she starts. As long as

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Conflict, while often avoided, is not necessarily bad. In fact, conflict can be good for organizations because it encourages open-mindedness and helps avoid the tendency toward group think that many organizations fall prey to. The key is learning how to manage conflict effectively so that it can serve as a catalyst, rather than a hindrance, to organizational improvement.

Conflict Encourages New Thinking

Although it is often assumed that people avoid conflict, many people actually enjoy conflict to a certain degree because it can be the stimulus for new thinking. Considering a different point of view--which represents conflict--can open up new possibilities and help to generate new ideas that might otherwise have not been considered.

Conflict Raises Questions

Organizational conflict usually leads to a series of questions for those on both sides of any issues. Those questions can lead to new ideas and breakthroughs in thinking that can benefit individuals, departments and organizations. When there is no conflict, nothing changes. There is no need to question or challenge the status quo. Conflict represents an opportunity to reconsider, which can lead to breakthrough thinking.

Conflict Builds Relationships

Being agreeable is nice, but encouraging conflict can actually strengthen relationships. Organizational conflict between individuals, departments and even competitors can help to build relationships through mutual understanding and respect. Learning to listen and listening to learn leads to insights valued by both sides in any conflict situation.

Conflict Opens Minds

Organizations that teach employees how to manage conflict effectively create a climate of innovation that encourages creative thinking and opens minds to new, previously unexplored, possibilities. Considering the possibility for new ways of approaching challenges and meeting the demands of a competitive business world can result in improvements that benefit staff as well as the organization.

Conflicts Beats Stagnation

Organizations that avoid conflict avoid change. Avoiding change is futile and can lead to the demise of even successful organizations. Companies that encourage staff to approach conflict in positive and productive ways, can beat the stagnation that opens the doors to competitors and challenges the ability to continue to provide customers with new and innovation solutions to meet their needs.

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