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Located in the heart of Mysore city, the zoo is a very popular tourist attraction. It's arguably the second sought after attraction in the city after Mysore Palace.
There are many reasons for its popularity. The location is an obvious plus point from a itinerary point. More importantly this is a sprawling zoo with a great variety of exotic and rare animals. The animals are let in a natural habitat like environment. For the visitors it is a joyous place to explore in a picnic style.

Mysore zoo is one of the oldest zoo in the country. This was started way back in 1892 as a private zoo attached to the palace. Though it is popularly called "Mysore Zoo", the official name is Shri Chamarajendra Zoological Gardens, named after its founding maharaja Shri Chamarajendra Wodeyar.

So what do you get to see in Mysore zoo. Leaving the usual suspects apart, this is the only zoo in India to have a Gorilla. The zoo also houses Chimpanzee. The huge trenches draws big crowd.

Other exotic animals of Mysore zoo include Giraffes, Zebras, White Deer, African Elephants, Bears, Porcupines, Rhinoceros, Tapir ,Otters etc.

The Indian species of note includes Gaur, Bisons, Nilgai, Spotted Deer, Black Bucks, Bears, Tiger, Jakal, Barking Deer, Panther, White (albino) Tiger,Tigers, Lions, Leopards and a great number of elephants.

There is a massive aviary (a netted enclosure) with a bridge passing right through the center. Visitors can walk through these enclosures and observe the birds closely. Reach the aviary point early as the entry closes by 5pm though zoo closes by 5.30pm. (see Mysore Zoo Timings for the tour itinerary suggestions and tips).The bird species inside the aviary includes Spoon Bill, Pelican, Painted Stork.
You can also see a great variety of birds like White and Blue Peacocks, Silver and Gold Peasant, Horn Bill; the flightless Emu and Ostrich; brightly coloured Flamingos; the largest bird of India the Sarus Cranes; Love Birds, various types of Geese, Ducks, Parrots,Vultures, Eagles and so on.
The reptile section has a large number of cobras, King Cobra, Python and even the star studded turtles.

The zoo successfully runs what is calls the animal adoption program. The general public are encouraged to adopt the animals for a stipulated period ( typically 1-2 years). The adoption cost of various animals are prefixed. The adopter name are duration of adoption is displayed at each enclosures. Many organizations and individual animal lovers patrons the program.
Another important aspect of the zoo is it is a 'No Plastic' zone. If you carry those  "use and throw" snack packets, they will ask to transfer to the paper bags provided. This is the first thing they will do as you cross the zoo entrance.

It takes anything from 2 hours to visit this sprawling zoo. The animal enclosures are large and scattered quite apart. You'll be walking many kilometers before completing the tour. If that looks like a challenge, there is a battery operated buggy service that makes a round trip. But this zoo is best enjoyed on foot.
Towards the end there are some snack stalls and a souvenir shop.

Keep in mind this zoo gets huge crowds, especially during the weekends and other holiday seasons. The problem is the rather long queues at the ticket counter and at the entrance gate during the peak seasons. Like mentioned earlier, the inside of the zoo is sprawling that can accommodate large number of visitors.
The zoo is at a short distance from Mysore Palace , on the way to Chamundi Hills. There is a large parking area for vehicles in front of the zoo.
Mysore Zoo Timings: (see the link for tour suggestions)
8.30am to 5.30 pm on all days except Tuesdays.
Tickets Cost:
Adults: Rs50 , Child (5 to 10 yrs): Rs 20, Still Camera: Rs20 , Video Camera : Rs150


Zebra, Mysore Zoo

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Mysore Zoo  

I’ve seen zoos when I was a kid, and also when I was taking my son around. Usually I find them somewhat interesting for the first hour or so, after which my focus shifts to finding the way out. Animals don’t always pose well enough, the enclosures smell, the write-ups are faded and unreadable, and often describing a different animal from the one in the enclosure. I therefore assumed that visiting zoos as an adult would be quite foolish.

Then someone told me that Mysore zoo is the best in India, and I thought, here I am, in Mysore, let me give it a try. I was surprised at how enjoyable the trip was. I found the zoo well-planned and clean, the explanations outside the enclosure informative and written in an interesting way, and the entire path through the zoo clearly marked.

For example, I saw a sign that explained that giraffes were fed by placing leaves on tall poles in their enclosure so that they could feed themselves in the same way as they would eat leaves off trees in their natural habitat. Oh! I must have seen giraffes in just about every zoo I’ve visited since childhood, but I’d never noticed this before 🙂 I also saw a tapir, which is a highly endangered species (Wikipedia page on Tapir).

The zoo was remarkable also because there was, to my delight, no litter. I didn’t see any person (child or adult) misbehave with the animals. I even managed to catch some animals on my camera to save the memories.

A very good feature of the zoo was (maybe all zoos do it now) that it encouraged the public to adopt an animal, that is, participate in the upkeep of an animal of your choice by paying a fee. In front of many enclosures, there were signs giving the names of the persons who had paid for maintenance of the animals inside, along with the start and end date, and some of the names listed were celebrities and public figures. I thought that was a really cool idea (though I didn’t find out more details); if you are a lover of wild-life and want to contribute, you can probably get the details from the zoo authorities. The zoo (more formally known as Shri Chamrajendra Zoological Gardens) has a website at which includes inventory of animals and galleries of pictures 🙂


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