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WWII to the 60s the

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Wilson, a student of public administration, favored more governmental regulation and action during a time when large monopolies still existed. He saw the role of public administration as "government in action; it is the executive, the operative, the most visible side of government, and is of course as old as government itself" (Wilson 235). The pendelum swung, though, and the government was blamed for many of the ills that caused the Great Depression. Franklin oosevelt, despite being called draconian, knew that he had to launch programs that would have a quick effect upon the struggling economy; resulting the New Deal -- a complex, interlocking set of programs designed to produce jobs, economic recovery, and fiscal reform of banking and Wall Street -- exactly what was needed, it seems to turn the Titanic in a new direction (Badger). Then, of course, came the war, which stimulated the economy like nothing else,…… [Read More]


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I have distinguished between 'What...' essays (which simply ask you for the facts), and 'analytical' essays (which ask you to explain a situation).   In the lists, 'What....' essays are listed in grey, and analytical essays are listed in purple.


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There are fair-copy descriptive and analytical essays about the following topics:

1.    The Treaty of Versailles

2.    The League of Nations

3.    The Road to World War II

4.    Russia 1917–1941

5.    The Cold War





The Essays

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Russia 1917–41


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