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  • Business, Investing, and Grants

    • AnyWho Online Directory – free web site
      The AT&T Corporation’s national telephone directory. This free web site can be used to locate both businesses and individuals. Reverse lookup feature allows AnyWho to be used as a criss-cross directory. Also includes links to international telephone directories and a toll-free telephone directory.
      Directory Listings
    • AtoZdatabases
      Detailed directory including contact information for residents and households, businesses and executives, and healthcare professionals. Also has a job search feature.
      Directory Listings
    • Business Source Premier*
      Access more than 2,300 journals and magazines in all disciplines of business, including marketing, management, accounting, and finance.
      Full-Text Articles
    • Foundation Directory Online
      Research 92,000 funders and more than 1.3 million recent grants made to institutions.
      Directory Listings
      Only available inside the following branches:
      • Central Branch
      • Miller Branch
    • Foundation Grants to Individuals
      Search 6,200 foundation programs that fund students, artists, researchers, and other individuals.
      Directory Listings
      Only available inside the following branches:
      • Central Branch
      • Miller Branch
    • Foundation Maps
      Use this visualization tool to display the results of a large number of grant searches on a map. Search internationally by recipients, foundations, location, subject, grant amount, keyword, and more.

      Only available inside the following branches:
    • Morningstar Investment Research Center
      Includes detailed information on stocks, mutual funds, bonds, ETFs, and other investments.
      Full-Text Articles
    • Regional Business News*
      Find articles from more than 80 local business publications from across the United States and Canada.
      Full-Text Articles
    • Value Line
      Online version of Value Line’s printed services that includes data, statistical analyses, projections, ratings, and surveys on stocks, funds, and other securities.
      Full-Text Articles
  • Consumer & Government Info

    • AtoZdatabases
      Detailed directory including contact information for residents and households, businesses and executives, and healthcare professionals. Also has a job search feature.
      Directory Listings
    • Auto Repair Reference Center
      Includes repair information (such as maintenance schedules and technical service bulletins) on thousands of car models.
      Full-Text Articles
    • Consumer Reports
      Find reviews of products, such as appliances, electronics, home and garden items, kids’ items, and more.
      Full-Text Articles
    • FEMA’s Flood Map Service Center
      Use this web site to find your official flood map, access a range of other flood hazard products, and take advantage of tools for better understanding flood risk.
    • Home Improvement Reference Center
      Features content from leading home improvement magazines and videos of popular home repair projects.
      Full-Text Articles
    • Howard County Government
      The official web site of the Howard County Government. This free resource can be used to locate county agencies and information about county services.
      Full-Text Articles
    • Howard County Government Map and Data Web Site
      View local GIS datasets and maps of green infrastructure, local crimes, health inspections, historic sites, and more. Also includes aerial photos from 1943 – present.
    • Kelley Blue Book – free web site
      This free web site is a useful place to find pricing information for both new and used cars, motorcycles, jet skis, and snowmobiles. It also provides automotive reviews and ratings. A similar service is, though it seems to focus exclusively on automobiles. Local information on automobile pricing and availability can be found in the print and online automotive pages of the Baltimore Sun and the Washington Post.
      Directory Listings
    • Maryland Manual Online: A guide to Maryland and its government
      The official directory of Maryland state government with information on state, county, and municipal governments.
      Full-Text Articles
    • – free web site
      The official government web site of the Maryland, including information for residents, business, and visitors.
      Full-Text Articles
    • Small Engine Repair Reference Center
      Features detailed yet user-friendly repair guides for all manner of small engines such as motorcycles, boats, commercial mowers, and chainsaws.
      Full-Text Articles
    • United States Government Manual
      The official government handbook, including profiles of every agency and information on quasi-official agencies; international organizations in which the United States participates; and boards, commissions, and committees.
      Full-Text Articles
      The U.S. government’s official web site. Find agency websites, government-produced reports and statistics, names of elected officials, and more.
      Full-Text Articles
    • Washington Consumers’ Checkbook
      Find reviews of services (house cleaners, plumbers, auto repair shops, doctors, etc.) in the Washington metro area.
      Full-Text Articles
      Only available within the library.
  • Health, Science, and Technology

    • AMA DoctorFinder – free web site
      This is a free web site provided by the American Medical Association. Includes more than 690,000 American doctors. Physicians can be searched by name or by specialty and location, and listings include such information as education, specialty, hospital affiliation, and type of practice.
      Full-Text Articles
    • Consumer Reports Best Buy Drugs
      This is a free website by Consumer Reports. Search for drugs by name or by medical condition and see tables comparing the drugs’ dosage, cost, effectiveness, etc.
      Full-Text Articles
    • MedlinePlus
      This web site by the National Institutes of Health is a very thorough encyclopedia containing information about diseases, conditions, wellness issues, drugs, supplements, and more.
      Full-Text Articles
    • Science Reference Center
      Find books, essays, reports, and magazines on topics ranging from biology and chemistry to physics and wildlife.
      Full-Text Articles
  • History, Genealogy, and Culture

    • American Memory – free Federal web site
      The American Memory collection of the Library of Congress is a treasure trove of primary source materials in American history. Included are written and spoken words, sound recordings, still and moving pictures, maps and sheet music. Examples include Mathew Brady's Civil War photographs, over 160,000 photos of America in the Depression Era, narratives of Washington and the Chesapeake Bay Region from 1600 to1925, early Thomas Edison company films and much more.
      Full-Text Articles
    • Library Edition
      Find billions of records from around the world, including census and vital records, immigration and passport records, plus periodicals, books and photos.
      Click here to watch a tutorial on how to use Ancestry Library Edition
      Full-Text Articles
      Only available within the library.
    • Archives Unbound
      Search primary source materials related to Maryland history, such as Maryland’s city and business directories from 1752-1929, letters and reports from the War of 1812, Confederate newspapers, and more.
      Full-Text Articles
    • ArtistWorks
      Learn an instrument, vocal techniques, or art skills from award-winning teachers with these free self-paced online video classes. Enter the same username and password that you use for Zinio digital magazines or create a new account if you’ve never used Zinio.
    • Biography in Context
      A collection of biographical information on more than one million people throughout history, around the world, and across disciplines.
      Full-Text Articles
    • Digital Maryland
      An electronic collection of historical and cultural documents, images, audio, and video held by notable Maryland institutions.
      Full-Text Articles
    • Genealogy Connect
      Features research and e-books on topics such as genealogy best practices, immigration, Atlantic states, the American Revolution, and much more.
      Full-Text Articles
    • HeritageQuest
      Some overlap with, but this tool has a strong collection of family and local history e-books, and is also accessible from your home computer.
      Full-Text Articles, Directory Listings
    • History Reference Center
      Search for historical information from around the globe and across time periods. Includes info on topics such as the Renaissance, the modern Middle East, Latin America, and more.
      Full-Text Articles
    • Indigenous Peoples: North America
      Find short films, photos, newspaper articles, manuscripts, and much more about Native Americans.
      Full-Text Articles
    • Library of Congress Digital Collections
      Maps, photos, letters, diaries, newspapers, sound recordings, and short films from throughout American history.
      Full-Text Articles
    • Oxford Reference
      A collection of more than 40 ebooks from Oxford focusing on history and the arts.
      Full-Text Articles
    • WorldVitalRecords
      Provides access to thousands of U.S. and world genealogy databases, including census and voter lists, school yearbooks, family trees, maps, etc.
      Directory Listings
  • Homework Help & Education

    • ABC-CLIO eBook Collection
      This tool for middle and high school students includes more than 7,000 encyclopedias, dictionaries, handbooks, and guides on topics from business to world history.
      Full-Text Articles
    • Explora for Primary Schools
      Designed specifically for elementary school students, this online tool provides access to popular children's magazines; dozens of U.S. and international newspapers; easy-to-read encyclopedic entries written just for kids; and photos, maps, and flags.
      Full-Text Articles
    • Explora for Public Libraries
      This easy-to-use online tool supports successful research by providing access to reputable articles, essays, and primary source documents on topics ranging from arts and literature to science and math.
      Full-Text Articles
    • Explora for Secondary Schools
      Designed specifically for middle school students, this tool offers the most complete collection of research available for ages 10 to 14. Find popular middle school magazines, nonfiction eBooks, biographies, primary source documents, newspapers, and health information.
      Full-Text Articles
    • Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) – free web site
      This U.S. Department of Education free web site is an essential destination for the parents of college age students because filling out an FAFSA form is the first step when you apply for federal student grants, work-study aid, and loans. You may also use this form to apply for most state and some private aid. While print FAFSA forms are widely available, this web site allows you to fill out and deliver the form online. Also included on this site is the online equivalent of the print Federal School Code List.
    • Free DMV Permit Practice Tests
      Prepare to take the written test for your Maryland learner’s permit with these practice tests.
    • Funk & Wagnalls New World Encyclopedia*
      The online version of this classic source of fast facts.
      Full-Text Articles
    • Gale Courses
      More than 300 six-week online classes on a variety of topics, including business, technology, health care, personal development, the arts, and hobbies.
      Full-Text Articles
      Click here to watch a tutorial on how to use Gale Courses
    • Gale Virtual Reference Library
      This tool offers electronic access to encyclopedias, almanacs, and other research books that, in earlier days, were only available in print. Includes eBooks on a broad range of topics from arts to technology.
      Full-Text Articles
      Click here to watch a tutorial on how to use GVRL
    • Hobbies and Crafts Reference Center
      Includes detailed how-to instructions and creative ideas to meet the interests of virtually every hobby enthusiast.
      Full-Text Articles
    • Infobase eBooks
      Ebooks for high school and college students on careers, current issues, business, literature, math, science, the arts, and U.S. History. Most of these ebooks are about topics in literature.
      Full-Text Articles
    • LearningExpress Library
      Practice tests for AP exams, the GED, the SAT, grad school entrance exams, and various jobs. Also includes tutorials on math skills, writing skills, and citizenship requirements.
      Full-Text Articles
      Click here to watch a tutorial on how to use LearningExpress
    • Little Pim
      Designed to expose young children (ages 0-6) to foreign languages. Mango's Little Pim offers 15 different languages, and teaches children 60 words and phrases per session.
      This online education portal offers more than 3,600 video courses taught by experts on technical skills, creative techniques, business strategies, and more.
    • Magazine Abstract Summaries Ultra*
      High school students can search hundreds of popular magazines plus biographies, documents, and reference books covering a wide-range of subjects, such as history, science, careers, and more.
      Full-Text Articles
    • MANGO
      Online training for adults in 45 different foreign languages. Also includes lessons for individuals in need of English as a second language training. You must create a free account to keep track of your learning progress.
    • Middle [School] Search Plus*
      Search more than 150 popular middle school magazines, plus reference books, biographies, and other documents (such as photos, maps, flags, speeches, and country reports).
      Full-Text Articles
    • MUZZY Online
      Aimed at kids ages 6 and up, this service uses interactive lessons, stories, and songs to teach eight different foreign languages (French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, German, Russian, Chinese, and English).
    • National Geographic Kids
      Includes National Geographic Kids magazine as well as videos, photos, and e-books on animals, the environment, history, places, science & tech, and people & cultures.
      Full-Text Articles
      Click here to watch a tutorial on how to use National Geographic Kids
    • Online Homework Assistance
      This service by Brainfuse offers live tutoring seven days a week from 2 p.m. to 11:55 p.m. for all grade levels.
    • Pronunciator*
      Learn 80 languages with these online classes. Also includes ESL courses for 50 non-English languages. Features movies, music, pronunciation analysis, virtual coaching, quizzes, and more! Plus free apps for Android, Apple, and Kindle Fire devices.
    • Rosetta Stone Online
      Engage in the proven language immersion method that more than 22,000 schools and 12,000 businesses have trusted for over the last 20+ years. Select from 30 languages structured around core lessons in reading, writing, speaking, and listening. Microphone required for speaking lessons.
      Click here to watch a tutorial on how to use Rosetta Stone Online
    • ScienceFlix
      Watch, read, and learn about science topics, including earth science, space science, life science, human health, physical science, and technology & engineering.
      Full-Text Articles
    • SIRS Issues Researcher
      Includes articles exploring hot topics in society. The pro/con organization of this information is helpful for assignments on opposing viewpoints.
      Full-Text Articles
    • Testing & Education Reference Center
      Practice tests, courses, and test prep e-books for SAT, ACT, GED, and other major job tests, plus a scholarship and college search tool.
      Full-Text Articles
      Click here to watch a tutorial on how to use Testing & Education Reference Center.
    • World Factbook – free web site
      This free web site is the online equivalent of a print title by the same name. Surveys each of the world’s countries, providing a map, a historical narrative, and fairly extensive statistical information on every nation. Produced by the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency.
      Full-Text Articles
  • Jobs & Careers

  • Literature & Book Recommendations

    • Artemis Literary Sources [was Literature Resources]
      Find biographies, reviews, literary criticism, primary sources, and topic overviews.
      Full-Text Articles
    • Beanstack
      Get one book recommendation every week tailored to your young child’s reading level and interests sent directly to your inbox.
    • EBSCO eBook Collection
      A collection of ebooks on many different topics ranging from arts & architecture to true crime.
      Full-Text Articles
    • Great Books of the Western World
      A collection of about 60 classic e-books that span across history from Homer to Freud.
      Full-Text Articles
    • Interlibrary Loan (Marina)
      Marina is the interlibrary loan system for Maryland’s libraries. Use Marina to borrow books that are not owned by Howard County Library System.
      Directory Listings
    • LitFinder
      Find more than 145,000 poems, short stories, essays, speeches, and plays representing the work of more than 79,000 authors.
      Full-Text Articles
    • Marina (Interlibrary Loan)
      Marina is the interlibrary loan system for Maryland’s libraries. Use Marina to borrow books that are not owned by Howard County Library System.
      Directory Listings
    • NextReads
      Are you looking for books to read in your favorite genres? Sign up for our e-newsletters and get great book suggestions by e-mail.
    • NoveList
      Adults and teens can find books of interest by searching for favorite authors or genres. Read book reviews and see best-of lists.
      Full-Text Articles
    • NoveList K-8
      Students in grades K-8 (and their teachers) can find book suggestions for their next great read.
      Full-Text Articles
  • Newspapers & Magazines

    • American Periodicals
      Search almost 2,000 magazines and journals published from colonial days to the dawn of the 20th century.
      Full-Text Articles
    • Baltimore Afro-American Archives (1893 – 1988)
      Often called The Afro, this weekly newspaper was the most widely circulated African American paper on the Atlantic coast. It was the first black newspaper to have correspondents reporting on World War II as well as foreign correspondents and female sports correspondents.
    • Baltimore Sun (1990 – present)

    • Baltimore Sun Archives (1837 – 1990)

    • Liberty Magazine (1924 – 1950)
      This once-popular weekly U.S. magazine featured contributions from some of the biggest politicians, celebrities, authors, and artists of the 20th Century.
      Full-Text Articles
    • Life Magazine Archive (1936 – 2000)
      Life was a popular photojournalism magazine featuring story-telling through documentary photographs and informative captions, providing subscribers with intimate views of real people and their real life situations.
      Full-Text Articles
    • Maryland Digital NewsBank
      Read 45 local Maryland newspapers (including the Howard County Times and Columbia Flier) online. Text-only; no photographs or advertisements. Also includes text-only versions of 27 magazines such as Washington Family Magazine, National Review, and Slate, plus special reports on hot topics like world health.
      Full-Text Articles
    • MasterFILE Premier*
      A staggeringly large collection of magazines, trade publications, scholarly materials, photos, maps, flags, biographies, and country reports.
      Full-Text Articles
    • National Geographic Virtual Library
      Includes National Geographic magazine from 1888 to the present as well as recent issues of National Geographic Traveler.
      Full-Text Articles
    • New York Times (2011 – present)

    • New York Times Archives (1851 – 2011)

    • Nineteenth Century U.S. Newspapers
      Features full-text and images from urban and rural papers throughout America in the 1800s, with an emphasis on topics such as the American Civil War, African-American culture and history, Western migration, and Antebellum-era life.
      Full-Text Articles
    • PressReader
      Read thousands of newspapers and magazines from around the world and instantly translate them from one language into another. Only includes last 90 days of news, no historic archives.
      Full-Text Articles
    • ProQuest Newsstand
      Includes more than 1,600 U.S. and world newspapers, such as the Los Angeles Times, the Chicago Tribune, the Toronto Star, the Guardian, etc.
      Full-Text Articles
    • RBdigital Magazines (formerly Zinio)*
      Current and past issues of more than 100 different magazines to read on a computer and/or download to a tablet or smartphone. Free RBdigital app available for Apple and Android devices.
      Full-Text Articles
    • Smithsonian Collections Online
      Includes Smithsonian magazine as well as Air & Space magazine.
      Full-Text Articles
    • Time Magazine Archive (1923 – 2000)
      Each issue of this prominent weekly magazine was intended to be read in under an hour. Time featured current events, politics, sports, and entertainment news and is an important resource for researchers studying 20th-Century history.
      Full-Text Articles
    • Wall Street Journal (1986 – present)

    • Washington Post (1986 – present)

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HCPSS Introduces New School & Bus Locator

Posted: August 16th, 2017

HCPSS is excited to have launched a new online school & bus locator that features an efficient, mobile friendly and informative format.

The new locator offers an enhanced map, pop-up messaging, same day updating capability, and additional school information such as bell times and phone number. The platform is cloud-based, making the locator more reliable during heavy use periods.

Users can locate their school assignments and bus stops by entering their street number and name in the search field, similar to years past. The results will be shown on a map, with a blue pin drop graphic representing the user’s house, a plus sign indicating the bus stop, and an alphabetical listing of assigned schools, elementary through high. Hovering over the plus sign in the left menu, or clicking the plus sign in the map will provide estimated bus stop times.

For stops that list an address range, such as 12397-12620 Hall Shop Road, the plus sign indicating a stop is only a point within the range. Drivers will stop at each location within the range where students are present. This includes individual driveways and cross streets within the range.

Clicking on the black school icon in the map will show its name, address and phone. Please note: the school icon’s Arrive/Depart information indicates the school’s start and dismissal times.

As we transition to our new school and bus locator, we also are offering the information (to include full bus routes) in PDF format, as we have in previous years. Please note that the PDF may not provide the most up-to-date information as schedules and routes are updated as needed. To ensure you are viewing the most recent locator information, please double check against the online locator.


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