Effects Of Computers On Children Essay

Hello Please help me to write my essay , it's about :
What Are The Positive and Negative Effects Of Computers On children and youth ?

I'm not native english speaker and want someone to help me please

The best way to do this is to research about the topic before writing it. Beside that, you can link the benefit and dis-benefit of yourself using computer as examples. Basically, your overall essay will contain at least four paragraph. The first introduces about the computers. The second describe the good while the third describe the bad. You have to give examples to support your opinions (for example: computers are good for kids to develop their brain. In 2005, an American University has proven this idea after experiencing tons of computer-users." Finally, the final paragraph is to end the story. Good luck on it. Hope I can help you. And guess what, I'm not a Native English Speaker also.

You could try to find an example from this website that is similar to your topic to make you more understand about writing structure.
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could u pls correct it :

Computer has become a part of almost everyone's life. It has been in discussion for a long time that whether it is good or bad for children. I believe that its virtues are far more than its vices.

The principal reason for considering computers for children in their everyday life is its usefulness in learning new things. There are many software that make difficult concepts of hard and dry subjects easy to absorb. For example, Algebra and Geometry are the two important and toughest concepts of mathematics but the intuitive nature of some good software makes it easy to learn for children. Moreover, the learning is very fast with computers and a child's mind adopts it quickly. To learn new things computers can help a child in various ways.

On the other hand, with use of computer, one can have access to unclassified information content. For example, if a particular child has access to internet, with use of computer, child can easily find intentionally or by mistake the sexually explicit material or profound content like terrorist activities and crime. Result of which can be poor mental and psychological health.

However, without the supervision from adults, children often misuse computers. They are easily attracted to electronic games that tend to be intensed and rather violent. The player is usually the 'hero' of the game and too much exposure will lead children to be self-centred and unsociable.

I could conclude that parents' responsibility should be increased and further observation and restricted rules must be placed to guide children to the proper way of using computer in order to prevent the children from the negative effect of computers.

could u pls correct it :

This is very well written. You've followed a good structure, excellent grammar and vocabulary, good flow etc. Are you preparing for IELTS or TOEFL? It is good to state this purpose in the title itself so that others can provide you with task related comments.

This is good writing :)

Hi guys! i just registered and i`m online for 30 mins but unfortunately i don`t understand anything here, how to post and what THREAT mean i`m literally lost in this site, please explain me how this site works how to post essays. I hope u don`t think i`m stupid or anythink, usually i`m good at things like that :(, but anyway please help me

Okkkkkk... you've posted the above response and that's exactly how you should make a comment on someone else's thread. If you want to open a thread for your own to post an essay to get others' feedback, then follow these steps;

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Please tell us what exam are you planning to take. The standards are different.

...worshipping only one of those powers. Finally, a single god arises, the computer with the internet. If worshipping means showing respect, appreciation, independence, and submission to the dominance of a certain power on people’s lives, that will be exactly what the computer represents to people nowadays. Unlike other inventions, the computer could successfully penetrate all aspects of people’s lives. Actually, people interact with computers daily, much more than they do with their own families and friends. If one just imagines what may happen to banks, government offices, retail stories, schools, universities, businesses, laboratories, and factories if computers stop working for any reason, he/she can easily realize how far adults depend on that invention. Similarly, the young are so attracted to the interaction with computers. With all the advantages of using computers, they cannot resist that kind of exciting and productive interaction. Yet, some adults think that children should not be exposed to it at their early age because of its negative effects on them. Despite such claims, those limited negative effects are outweighed by the social, emotional and learning development caused by the interaction with the computer by the young, in general, and children with special needs in specific, under the guidance of the adult. In fact,...


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