1.4.11 Practice Spoken Assignment Describing People In French

1.4.11 Practce: Spoken AssignmenT: ±alking abouT MyselfSpoken AssignmenTSpanish I Sem 2 (S1611286)JeFrey AltcePoinTs possible: 60DaTe: ____________Read each of The following scenarios. ±hen decide which Spanish idiom mosT appropriaTely describes The siTuaton or moral lesson To be learned and wriTe iT down. When you have ²nished writng all of Them, record Them aloud. (20 poinTs; 4 poinTs each)Example: ±he chocolaTe cake my dad made lasT nighT was so delicious. I aTe Three pieces and stll wanTed more!EsTá para chuparse los dedos.1.Juan is incapable of keeping a secreT.Es un bócazas.2.Pedro is Raquel's li³le broTher. He is always bugging her a´er school, asking her To help him wiTh homework or To play games wiTh him.EsTá hasTa el moño3.AniTa seems To say iT as iT is. She doesn'T care if iT hurTs someone's feelings or if iT is inappropriaTe for The tme or place.Es un bócazas.

1.4.11 Practice: Spoken Assignment: Talking about MyselfSpoken AssignmentSpanish I Sem 2 (S3906561)Gavin WoodyPoints possible: 60Date: ____________Read each of the following scenarios. Then decide which Spanish idiom most appropriately describes the situation or moral lesson to be learned and write it down. When you have finished writing all of them, record them aloud. (20 points; 4 points each)Example: The chocolate cake my dad made last night was so delicious. I ate three pieces and still wantedmore!Está para chuparse los dedos.1. Juan is incapable of keeping a secret.2. Pedro is Raquel's little brother. He is always bugging her after school, asking her to help him with homework or to play games with him.3. Anita seems to say it as it is. She doesn't care if it hurts someone's feelings or if it is inappropriate for the time or place.4. Angelina is a nice girl, but she doesn't seem to catch on quickly. She doesn't have a great deal of common sense.


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